Senior Rosie Sauvageau is nearly finished recording her first CD. She has recorded nine and a half out of 10 songs, all of which are her own compositions for piano and voice, plus a few with a little guitar and synthesizer added in. Sauvageau is currently working on the titleContinue Reading

Minnesota state police participated in a campaign to enforce the state’s new Primary Seat Belt Law on Oct. 9 to 22, according to a press release by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The release said over 10,000 seat belt citations were issued during the campaign. Seventy-one of the citationsContinue Reading

Starting this year, all Concordia students graduating in 2011 and beyond will need to begin thinking about what they need to do for their senior capstone. The capstones will be the final aspect of the four-part core curriculum that is part of all students’ academic careers. Yet many students doContinue Reading

Concordia’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity announced seven spring break destinations, including a new trip open for alumni participation at a meeting Nov. 1 in Jones Science Center 212. The 2009 Habitat for Humanity board announced the trip locations: Birmingham, Ala., Tupelo, Miss., Santa Fe, N.M., Taos, N.M., Dade City,Continue Reading

Sheldon Green, a senior writer and photographer in the Office of Communications and Marketing, will showcase some of his photographic work from Nov 12-Jan 24 in the Cyrus M. Running Gallery. Green started his job here at Concordia as a photographer 16 years ago by happenstance. His grade-school son wasContinue Reading

Concordia welcomed world-renowned historical Jesus expert John Dominic Crossan on Nov. 5. Crossan presented his seminar “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior,” sponsored by the CHARIS Ecumenical Center during the day. He presented “Jesus and the Roman Empire” in the evening, which was the annual Oen Fellowship lecture and coordinatedContinue Reading