MOORHEAD – This year’s Homecoming will take place from Oct. 12 to 15. With a packed schedule of events for current students and alumni, Homecoming is a celebration of everything it means to be a cobber.   Thursday, Oct. 12:  Student Events  1 p.m.  – Dedication of Sanford Heimarck School ofContinue Reading

Concordia’s Student Government Association and Campus Entertainment Commission hosted an all-campus Christmas party Dec. 1 for the first time in seven years, according to SGA vice-president Matt Dymoke. “SGA wanted to bring it back this year, because everyone here on campus seems to love Christmas,” Dymoke said. Following the announcementContinue Reading

(Note: names marked with a * have been changed to preserve a source’s anonymity) Jonathan*, a Concordia sophomore, recalls that his first experience at a college dance was not entirely what he expected, due to an incident that occurred at last year’s Theme Dance. Jonathan said he attended the danceContinue Reading

Grocery Bingo

With classes in full swing and homework piling up, students are looking for ways to de-stress. Campus Entertainment Committee is offering a variety of on campus events this year for the fraction of the cost that would be required for doing the same activities off campus. Concordia students pay aContinue Reading

Concordia’s Public Relations Club will debut the college’s first Social Media Summit on April 14. The Summit, originally proposed by Concordia senior Joel Leeman, will take the place of the club’s annual spring fashion show. Leeman said he got the idea from Thomson Reuters, a company he interns for inContinue Reading

The Earth Day Concert’s major obstacle was Fargo-Moorhead’s rather unpleasant weather. That, however, proved insignificant as April 20s weather was suitable for the Symphonic Band to perform outdoors in front of the Frances Frazier Comstock Theatre. “We have had outdoor concerts held before in the summers,” said Nathanial Dickey, directorContinue Reading

The Black Students Union, for one of its maiden events since its inauguration a year ago, took up the mantel of organizing the annual Hip Hop Summit this year. The Hip Hop Summit was previously organized by the Hip Hop Congress, a national committee that has a chapter on campus.Continue Reading