Dr. Hilda Koster, associate professor in Concordia’s religion department, and her co-editor Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim have released a book entitled “Planetary Solidarity: Global Women’s Voices on Christian Doctrine and Climate Justice.” An opportunity to gather and celebrate the book was held on Feb. 9, but the book was originallyContinue Reading

Not once in the three presidential debates this fall was a question pertaining to climate change posed. If we have one more election cycle without at least one question regarding climate change, one could say that a pattern has emerged, given that this is the second election cycle where noContinue Reading

A huge event called the Conference of the Parties Climate Summit is happening in Paris from Nov. 30 to Dec.11. It’s going to include over 50 countries, environmental leaders, businesses and other key players to try to come up with a global agreement to address climate change. The conference hasContinue Reading

As college students, it can be difficult to determine how our food is made and where it comes from. However, something to think about, something we Cobbers ought to take with us when we graduate, is that food production has an environmental impact — some foods far more than others.Continue Reading

A panel of faculty members at the “Chasing Ice” viewing urged students to take action on campus. Students and faculty members gathered in the Centrum Oct. 3 for a viewing of “Chasing Ice,” a documentary about the effects of climate change. After the viewing, a panel of faculty members fromContinue Reading