MOORHEAD — On Tuesday, Sept. 19, students were welcomed to an open house of the IDEA Lounge in Old Main 102. The new space on campus is dedicated to inclusion with “IDEA” standing for inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.    The project was spearheaded by several student leaders of the affinityContinue Reading

Concordia recently welcomed Angela “Bay” Buchanan to its campus, a conservative political commentator who served as former Treasurer of the United States between 1981-1983. After her career in Washington, Buchanan became better recognized across the nation for her roles in the media, appearing regularly as a commentator for programs onContinue Reading

By: Tate Hovland Michigan State University. Penn State University. University of Minnesota. Stanford University. Montana University.     These universities are all examples of institutions associated with significant instances of sexual assault and rape. Jon Krakauer, famous author and adventurer recognized this widespread issue of sexual assaults on college campuses, focusingContinue Reading