BY EMMA KLITZKE AND KALEY SIEVERT Students dressed for the occasion and strut their stuff down the catwalk at the annual Concordia Drag show Saturday Feb. 10. According to Lindsay Galbraith, a student who attended the show, over $1350 was donated to Kaleidoscope, a fundraiser that supports 13 to 18Continue Reading

Sexuality and Gender Alliance Co-Presidents Kyle Benjamin and Zach Hruby hope to provide a platform for open minds and new ways of thinking regarding gender norms at the second annual drag show. Benjamin and Hruby have been busy making preparations for the show, which is set to take place Friday,Continue Reading

Concordia Theatre and SAGA collaborate Concordia’s Straight and Gay Alliance teamed up with the theater honor society, Alphi Psi Omega, to host Concordia’s first-annual drag show. Alphi Psi Omega President Hannah Wehlage was excited to do something new this year for the theater’s annual dance. “We have a dance atContinue Reading