Nuancing the ‘Happy Cobber’ On every poster, in every picture that slides across the Concordia webpage and in every pamphlet and brochure sent to prospective students, the “Happy Cobber” is front and center.The photos in our advertising and marketing materials feature sunny skies, racial diversity, and smiles on every face.Continue Reading

Find where your interests and your passions intersect, and go for it without fear of failure or judgment We always hear that passions are our greatest love and throughout our lives we should chase them. Yes, progress is everyone’s business but I question the uplifting message being brought upon ourContinue Reading

President’s seminar discusses “Happy Cobber” phenomenon The President’s Seminar last Friday did not mark the end of the happiness discussion on Concordia’s campus. Although President Craft’s suggestion of renaming the weekly community time to happy hour was a mere passing pun, the theme of happiness will continue throughout the remainingContinue Reading

The happy, the unhappy and filling the gap Happiness is a subject that has been much chewed over the past couple weeks here in Cobberland. With Symposium and the President’s Seminar having their entireties devoted to happiness, I would love to share my ideas on the subject. Symposium’s take onContinue Reading