This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Shane Sessions, a senior at Concordia College. In Response to: “Business School to Start New Club,” in last week’s issue of The Concordian: I have long felt jaded about the prospect of a new business school at Concordia, or more so justContinue Reading

Here are some things people definitely SHOULD do on Valentine’s Day. But don’t. Don’t ask me why. Obviously, the first is paintballing. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a high powered paint ball to the groin/face area. Plus, you get to run around outside and have a winner atContinue Reading

Two weeks ago the African Students Union hosted an event entitled “Battling the Single Story.”  I had the privilege to attend, and I gained some outstanding insights into how people incorporate stereotypes into their day-to-day lives. One of the most interesting parts of the panel discussion was a video theContinue Reading

“Empowering. Sweaty. Challenging. Kick-ass-fun.” This is how junior Haleigh White describes her newfound passion: Roller derby. According to White, roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates on an oblong track like one used in track and field competitions. A bout consists of two teams, each made upContinue Reading

The Cobber Women’s hockey team is having one of the best seasons in program history, and they look to continue that success going forward. Occasionally, numbers and statistics don’t make sense upon first glance. For example, the women’s hockey team has been nationally ranked since Nov. 28, 2011. They haveContinue Reading

This year’s annual International Student Organization Festival was held on Saturday, Feb. 11 in the Knutson Campus Center. Outside the Centrum, a World Expo was set up; booths from around the world displayed cultural pictures and trinkets. Students walked around in traditional clothing and smiled when asked to explain theirContinue Reading

This article was submitted by Caleb Giesen, a student at Concordia College. Squalls of muffled dogs’ howls ring out from back rooms and the underlying scent of Purina permeates the air as Heather Clyde welcomes visitors to the Fargo-Moorhead Humane Society. The wails swell and fade through the shelter asContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Daniel Woodwick ’88, an alum of Concordia College. I suppose some could call me a “Concordia crusader.” They might be right. It all started when I was a student when I really couldn’t get enough of being involved in the Cobber community.Continue Reading

Earlier this week, the local news affiliate WDAY covered a home invasion that occured in the house of five students who live near campus. The news report began thus: “A warning and a good reminder for all of us tonight from the Moorhead Police Department and Concordia College Security: MakeContinue Reading