The Black Students Union, for one of its maiden events since its inauguration a year ago, took up the mantel of organizing the annual Hip Hop Summit this year. The Hip Hop Summit was previously organized by the Hip Hop Congress, a national committee that has a chapter on campus.Continue Reading

The search for new personnel to succeed Concordia’s departing ensemble directors has borne fruit of late. The music department has announced choir director Michael Smith’s successor and has narrowed the candidates for band director Scott Jones’s down position to three finalists. The two departures come during a particularly unique periodContinue Reading

During the past couple of weeks I’ve done a lot of traveling. I usually don’t travel much, so spending more time on the move is a different experience for me, and I’ve certainly enjoyed some time away doing something different. As always, packing for trips can be the most challengingContinue Reading

Senior Adele Young sat sipping her drink as her friends dug into their Applebee’s half-priced appetizers. As chips dove into her favorite appetizer, spinach and artichoke dip, Adele nibbled her no-name, horrible tasting allergen free power bar. The smell of the warm foods wafted through the air, and she lookedContinue Reading

The Men’s golf team is off to a good start this season. The team reached a final score of 298 for their first spring meet at the St. John’s Triangular on April 6. St. John’s came in at 297, leaving the Cobbers in 2nd Place behind the nationally ranked team.Continue Reading

It has been a long winter; the tan lines of last summer have completely gone, but despair not! The sun has finally come out again, and the clocks have moved forward. This is the time of year when one realizes that Fargo-Moorhead is actually a great place to be, soContinue Reading

This article was written by Jamie Offerdahl, a Contributing Author for The Concordian. There aren’t many places where you’re able to find the latest fashion trends, recipe ideas, makeup tutorials, fitness tips, wedding ideas, jokes, quotes and funny cat pictures all in one convenient location. Pinterest provides just that andContinue Reading

Hunger Games. Somehow this whole article started with Hunger Games: from my weird, aggressive personality to the movie I saw this last weekend. I waited for weeks to see the movie once it came out. Partly, I waited to see it with my lovely little sister (future Cobber class ofContinue Reading