Dr. Hilda Koster, associate professor in Concordia’s religion department, and her co-editor Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim have released a book entitled “Planetary Solidarity: Global Women’s Voices on Christian Doctrine and Climate Justice.” An opportunity to gather and celebrate the book was held on Feb. 9, but the book was originallyContinue Reading

In our politically polarized society, discussions rarely result in accepting the opposition’s opinions as a valid perspective while remaining true to one’s own beliefs in a calm and civil manner. Taking offense to something that is said, or another person’s belief, is unfortunately the norm. Some see any form ofContinue Reading

From meeting the Nepalese monarchy to writing her discoveries from research about Nepal, assistant professor of religion Dr. Anne Mocko said her first book has been a wonderful opportunity and learning experience. Mocko’s book, “Demoting Vishnu: Ritual, Politics, and the Unraveling of Nepal’s Hindu Monarchy,” was published early November. InContinue Reading

The Jesus of my childhood was the man! He was a tall, white guy in a bright, white robe with long, flowing brunette locks. He gave food to hungry people, performed several magic tricks with his all-male cohort and then peaced-out back to heaven to wait for everyone else toContinue Reading

The “Ask an Atheist” panel gave area residents a chance to discuss the reasoning behind choosing to follow no religion. Concordia’s Secular Club held the panel on campus last Sunday in an effort to increase dialogue and decrease negative connotations surrounding the topic. The Secular Club held the panel asContinue Reading