After 33 years at Concordia, math professor Dr. William Tomhave will retire at the end of this academic year. What will draw him away are the usual suspects: travel and seeing his grandchildren. What he will miss most from Concordia, however, is the enthusiasm of students. “The interactions in aContinue Reading

Despite a mid-October announcement stating retirement plans, Bruce Vieweg, chief information officer, has decided to cancel those plans indefinitely. “I’ve been known to change my mind,” Vieweg said. Vieweg made the counter-announcement Monday on Facebook, claiming: “the summer of 2017. I’ve determined that the time simply isn’t right . .Continue Reading

This May, Bruce Vieweg will ask that you excuse his intrusion to your day one last time. Vieweg, whose emails, bow ties and Monopoly Man moustache have become as symbolic of the Concordia spirit as Kernel Cobb himself, has announced his intention to retire at the end of the academic year.Continue Reading

Connie Jones sits at her desk staring at her computer screen. Her office is open; glass walls letting her overlook the second floor of the library. Her office is surrounded by children’s and young adult literature. These are books that education students use for their class projects, clinicals and student-teachingContinue Reading

Professor Scott Jones announced his resignation on Jan. 18, ending seven years of teaching, conducting and leading hundreds of Concordia students. His resignation adds to the significant transition within the music department alongside the retirements of June Rauschabel, Peter Nygaard and Michael Smith. “This is absolutely normal in any department,”Continue Reading