Controversial student art makes a political statement There has always been great controversy surrounding guerrilla art, a street art movement that focuses on causing thought and action in its audience. Although this art form often impacts its viewers positively, it can also be rather jarring and even offensive. Jack Hinz,Continue Reading

Jeff Miller, a Concordia senior and Mr. Concordia contestant, does not feel safe using most of the bathrooms on campus. “Gendered bathrooms are very difficult for me to use because of experiences I’ve had in them, even on this campus,” Miller said. “I’ve received glares, questioning glances and death threats.”Continue Reading

The transition to embracing trans* Once upon a time, there was a girl we will call… Scarf Girl. Scarf Girl was a freshman at Concordia College and was unsure about how safe an environment it would be. Her high school did not have many great people, there were not manyContinue Reading