Students walk to hunched over with backpacks and dreams too big to shoulder. Bicyclists whisk by, then someone on a longboard. At Knutson, the cyclists lock up their bikes. The longboarder shelves the board in a rack and does the same. Last year, current senior Samuel Olson headed the StudentContinue Reading

Concordia Students, alumni and faculty delve into independent films In a fake forest of real trees, Amber Morgan steps into metaphorical shoes as action is called on the set of “Westall.” Fake tears slip down her character’s cheeks, landing on real dirt. Opposite her, McKade Riedman’s character is breaking downContinue Reading

Grammar. It has adorned blackboards and whiteboards for decades. It has daunted students with the intricacies of its structure and its variances from that of spoken language. The singular use of “they” and other traditionally third person plural pronouns is one such case of this variance. Take, for example, theContinue Reading