Niche acting is a mixed blessing: an actor stuck into a niche role has usually perfected their craft, but is left without much opportunity for change or growth. When an actor breaks out of their niche, that’s a powerful moment, and it’s exactly what happened for Steve Carell in hisContinue Reading

A confession must needs be made before I begin this review: I am a die-hard space fan. From the age of 8 to 18 I slept on a bed with a Saturn-shaped headboard under a ceiling painted with clouds and glow-in-the-dark stars. Until 6th or 7th grade, my career goalContinue Reading

If you type the alt key followed by the letter J on an apple keyboard, what you get is this: ∆. Also known as delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, ∆ is used in mathematics and science to denote change. And change is the best word to describeContinue Reading

 An alley is a special place. It’s where angsty teens show off their mad parkour skills; where bar patrons go for a smoke; where Scamp finds his true calling in Lady and the Tramp 2. It is a land of dumpsters, fire escapes, and Spiderman. As it turns out, anContinue Reading

There’s nothing like a good library, but not all libraries are created equal. And as lovely as the Carl B. is, sometimes you need a change of scenery. Might I suggest a visit across the river, to the Fargo Public Library? The Fargo Public Library is not to be confusedContinue Reading

In the vibrancy of our youth, how often do we stop to consider our deaths? Perhaps for the more morbidly minded among us, it’s fairly often. But nevertheless, the afterlife is a concept far temporally removed from we jolly youth. The question of what happens to us when we breatheContinue Reading

One century ago and not far away, Fargo built its second fire station at 916 Main Avenue. Since its decommissioning, the firehouse has played host to a variety of establishments – boxing training, a soup kitchen, a Native American cultural center. Little did it know that one day, 916 MainContinue Reading

The first time I rode the Matbus, I was a mass transportation idealist, envisioning golden days of blissful bus rides across town. Then, following a 40-minute one-way trip to the Moorhead Target, I was a cynic. Apparently, efficiency here in Fargo-Moorhead belongs to those with vehicles, and car-less college studentsContinue Reading