Niche acting is a mixed blessing: an actor stuck into a niche role has usually perfected their craft, but is left without much opportunity for change or growth. When an […]


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  • Interstellar


    A confession must needs be made before I begin this review: I am a die-hard space fan. From the age of 8 to 18 I slept on a bed with […]

  • Scratch Deli: Everything’s better from scratch

    Scratch Deli: Everything’s better from scratch

    The tagline of Scratch Sandwich and Deli Co. is “Everything’s better from scratch.” And after a taste of their Red River Wheat bread, made from scratch, it’s hard to disagree. […]

  • Alt-J ‘This is All Yours’

    Alt-J ‘This is All Yours’

    If you type the alt key followed by the letter J on an apple keyboard, what you get is this: ∆. Also known as delta, the fourth letter of the […]

  • Fargo Alley Fair

    Fargo Alley Fair

     An alley is a special place. It’s where angsty teens show off their mad parkour skills; where bar patrons go for a smoke; where Scamp finds his true calling in […]

  • Fargo Public Library

    Fargo Public Library

    There’s nothing like a good library, but not all libraries are created equal. And as lovely as the Carl B. is, sometimes you need a change of scenery. Might I […]

  • ‘Sum’ by David Eagleman

    ‘Sum’ by David Eagleman

    In the vibrancy of our youth, how often do we stop to consider our deaths? Perhaps for the more morbidly minded among us, it’s fairly often. But nevertheless, the afterlife […]

  • Red Raven

    Red Raven

    One century ago and not far away, Fargo built its second fire station at 916 Main Avenue. Since its decommissioning, the firehouse has played host to a variety of establishments […]

  • Matbus


    The first time I rode the Matbus, I was a mass transportation idealist, envisioning golden days of blissful bus rides across town. Then, following a 40-minute one-way trip to the […]

  • Chvrches ‘The Bones of What You Believe’

    Chvrches ‘The Bones of What You Believe’

    If there was a way to simultaneously drink champagne and ride a roller coaster without getting nauseous, it would feel very much like The Bones of What You Believe, debut […]