It’s Coffee Time

It’s Coffee Time

Needing a reason to get off campus? Want to feel cozy? Craving a caffeine boost?  There is no better way to cover all of these things then by traveling to […]


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  • Be Frightened!

    Be Frightened!

    That’s right. Be very very frightened. Frightened Rabbit that is, with their new album Pedestrian Verse that came out Feb. 5, that certainly makes a statement. The album is the […]

  • Ready. Set. Derby!

    Ready. Set. Derby!

    Ladies and gentlemen, buckle down and prepare for one of the most intriguing sporting events in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Fast-paced, loud, aggressive-this event is anything but dull. Brace yourself for […]

  • Come One, Tell All

    “And this cat is dead and it’s frozen and its claws are in the carpet. It’s like a cat popsicle. You could hold it by its tail and lick it […]

  • A Silver Lining for Rom-Coms

    A Silver Lining for Rom-Coms

    When someone mentions Jennifer Lawrence, a fiery mocking jay and a girl who knows how to shoot a bow and arrow comes to mind. When someone mentions Bradley Cooper a […]

  • Joe the Juggler

    It began in 7th grade. After his laptop failed him, he found himself bored and decided to experiment with juggling by self-teaching himself. Beginning simply with only three balls in […]

  • Show and Tell

    “It could’ve been worse, I could’ve stood up there and gotten an erection,” says a middle age man wearing a casual button-down and jeans. He stands on the stage at […]

  • Something Radical for the Fall

    Something Radical for the Fall

    As you settle into your homework routine this fall season, crack your window so everything smells like a mixture of leaves and freshly mulched grass, watch the leaves trickle down […]