Sports editor argues for required internships

Sports editor argues for required internships

This past summer I took part in an internship program at The Stars and Stripes, which is a newspaper for active duty members and their families. Throughout my time at […]


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  • Sports Editor: Higher Education should be free

    Sports Editor: Higher Education should be free

    Last semester, President Craft announced that Concordia’s 2014-2015 tuition would stand at $41,484. This $1,510 increase from last year has resulted in this year’s low enrollment and has put students […]

  • Weight room gets $43,000 facelift

    Weight room gets $43,000 facelift

    Even though the academic year is coming to a close, Concordia’s athletic department is continuing to revamp its weight room. For the past two years, athletes have brought up the […]

  • The women’s lacrosse team practices on weekdays and on weekends. They enjoy their practice time to get some exercise and bond as a team. Photo by Bobby Person.

    Lacrosse team chemistry a recipe for success

    Lacrosse season has officially begun for Concordia College. So far, the women’s lacrosse team has won two of their five games and has traveled across the state for various games. […]

  • Concordia's club volleyball team is a fun way for students to be involved with a sports team. The team plays other collegiate club teams and even travels to other areas to compete. Submitted photo.

    ‘A league of their own’

    Concordia offers several opportunities for students to take a little time to themselves. One of the ways Concordia has done this is by offering students the opportunity to play in […]

  • Cobbers dedicated to skating

    Cobbers dedicated to skating

    The ability to gracefully glide across ice takes the utmost dedication and perseverance. The art of figure skating is one in which errors may be made, but through these errors […]

  • Letter: Being open to the mystery

    Letter: Being open to the mystery

    A couple of years ago, a friend asked me what the meaning of life was. Although I was not 100 percent sure, I decided to answer with a quick remark: […]

  • 40 Cobbers receive MIAC honors

    40 Cobbers receive MIAC honors

    MIAC honors require athletics and academic commitments Managing studies and various commitments is not an easy task. However, this past fall, 40 Concordia College athletes juggled their passion for learning […]

  • Cobbers give back

    Cobbers give back

    Hockey teams help community’s youth one slap shot at a time Both the men and women’s hockey teams at Concordia are putting the Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World motto […]

  • Letter: Making the most of Valentine’s Day

    Letter: Making the most of Valentine’s Day

    Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when everyone finds out who is single and who is taken. Yes, to all you little lovebirds out there, the holiday […]