Last semester, President Craft announced that Concordia’s 2014-2015 tuition would stand at $41,484. This $1,510 increase from last year has resulted in this year’s low enrollment and has put students under a lot of pressure. Instead of devoting their time to classes and extracurricular activities, students are constantly worrying aboutContinue Reading

Even though the academic year is coming to a close, Concordia’s athletic department is continuing to revamp its weight room. For the past two years, athletes have brought up the question of when Concordia would be getting a new weight room. After hearing the question be tossed around for theContinue Reading

Concordia offers several opportunities for students to take a little time to themselves. One of the ways Concordia has done this is by offering students the opportunity to play in a volleyball club against other colleges. Prior to attending Concordia, senior Jordan Goos enjoyed playing volleyball with some of hisContinue Reading

The ability to gracefully glide across ice takes the utmost dedication and perseverance. The art of figure skating is one in which errors may be made, but through these errors participants will enhance their skills. When sophomore Morgan Schleif was informed that she could not participate in gymnastics anymore becauseContinue Reading

MIAC honors require athletics and academic commitments Managing studies and various commitments is not an easy task. However, this past fall, 40 Concordia College athletes juggled their passion for learning and athletics successfully. This non-stop dedication enabled them to be awarded Academic All-MIAC Honors. According to sophomore cross country runnerContinue Reading

Hockey teams help community’s youth one slap shot at a time Both the men and women’s hockey teams at Concordia are putting the Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World motto into action. Through partnering with the inSports Foundation, the teams have been able to offer children across the state theContinue Reading