College is a busy time. Students are expected to study, do homework, join clubs, work, and have a social life. With all of that time gone, one thing that we need is sleep. But, we all have those nights where we can’t sleep. We are worrying about too many thingsContinue Reading

This is filled with spoilers about the film, Avengers. Nothing about the show will be spoiled   The Avengers was released two summers ago and was a huge success, with the loss of one character that was the favorite of many: Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg. Yet, fans rejoicedContinue Reading

Are you tired of getting food in DS or the Maize? Do you feel stuck on campus with nothing to do? Well, I have your solution. The Drunken Noodle is a local noodle restaurant in Fargo. Although, it may not have the biggest menu you have ever seen. They haveContinue Reading

Students here today are said to live in the “Concordia Bubble.” The outer world is forgotten and the focus is on the next CEC activity on campus. The Student Government Association has tried to help this problem by putting newspapers around campus. But reading an entire newspaper can take aContinue Reading

The leaves are falling, people are talking about apple cider and pumpkins, and the weather cannot decide if it will be cool and beautiful or cold and rainy: Fall. There are so many activities that come along with fall that there is not enough time to fully enjoy them all.Continue Reading