Growing up on the outskirts of town in the heart of North Dakota, there are things that bring on the sweet pang of nostalgia for me that might seem a tad peculiar to some. Hank Williams voice calls up memories of learning how to waltz with my dad. The drawlContinue Reading

I stepped into a brushed metal elevator. Once inside, all that stared back at me was a young woman dressed in black, sporting sunglasses and dark lipstick. Three floors up, the door opened. What greeted me was dim lighting, small tables covered with black linens, hors d’oeuvres, and lounge music.Continue Reading

In a humble brick building, at 69 N 4th Street, lies the Green Market Kitchen. Right in the middle of downtown Fargo, this small restaurant offers an escape from the humdrum and gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience. The owners, Andrea Baumgardner, Steve Heiland, andContinue Reading

The Faculty Art Exhibition, currently running in Concordia’s Cyrus M. Running Gallery, combines the talents of nine distinctive artists with styles that embrace the dramatic and the demure, the whimsical and the dark, the bold and the reserved. The pieces range from intaglio, watercolor, and graphite prints to graphic designContinue Reading