Part Two in our sex series

Part Two in our sex series

[Editor’s note: This is a continuation of last week’s “Let’s talk about sex” article. Part 1 addressed Concordia’s approach sexual safety accessibility compared to area colleges.]   The Evangelical Lutheran […]


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  • Let’s talk about sex

    Let’s talk about sex

    This was the second time in one day Joe Gilmore had been to the Kjos Health Center. He had walked in the first time and asked with confidence, “Can I get a condom?”

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    Concordia College is undergoing changes: the phasing out of majors, a new school of business, soon a new president. However, there is a change that has not been widely discussed: […]

  • Darrell’s Law

    Darrell’s Law

    The Concordia mission statement has been embedded into the minds of Cobbers since their arrival on campus: becoming responsibly engaged in the world. Some Cobbers take this mission statement to […]

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    And the ‘Beat’ Goes On

    A red-haired sophomore tapped his foot and nodded his head to grasp his rhythm. At a piano connected to recording equipment in a studio high above a band room in […]

  • Love and Consideration

    Love and Consideration

    Andrew Wiens, a senior, and Brie Petrich, a 2010 alumna, have been described as “The Parents,” “The Grandparents,” and “The Old Couple” by their friends and those the couple have […]