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Republicans and Democrats are taking up poverty as a priority issue, with Democrats fighting for a higher minimum wage and Republicans zeroing in on promoting a market-based approach to the problem. With an eye to 2016, Republicans are attempting to claim the issue as their own as they wish toContinue Reading

Philosophical discussion was a campus priority Oct. 16 with the first inaugural Carus Lecture. The Carus Lectureship was created in recognition of the funds given by Alwin C. Carus and M. Elizabeth Carus to the college. Dr. Jonathan Lear of the University of Chicago presented the talk “To Become HumanContinue Reading

The Tunnel of Oppression presented by Intercultural Affairs last Thursday has elicited critical remarks from students who disagreed with its grouping of minorities into broad categories. The most vocal critiques have been toward the Tunnel’s depiction of race issues. The Tunnel of Oppression’s goal was to bring everyday oppression toContinue Reading

The Concordian Politics Blog

At present, Congress has an approval rating of 14 percent. The truly concerning thing about this statistic is that it’s not that low because Americans disagree with the laws Congress is passing. They’re angry that Congress isn’t passing any laws at all. Americans are increasingly doubtful that Congress is aContinue Reading

Katharine Spencer was named as this year’s Jolicoeur Scholar at last Thursday’s Celebration of Student Scholarship. The scholarship is given to a second semester sophomore that proves to be an emerging leader on campus. “It came as a total surprise,” Spencer said. “It’s a great honor.” The Scandinavian studies andContinue Reading

Concordia students examined the work of their peers at the Celebration of Student Scholarship Thursday and Friday. The yearly event is focused on allowing students to present their work in oral sessions, poster presentations and art exhibits. Presentations ranged from “Emerson and the Ordinary” to “Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and ‘StarContinue Reading

Concordia students should not count on being affected by this year’s flood due to decent weather conditions and the city’s infrastructure upgrades. The Red River has created significant troubles for Fargo-Moorhead residents in recent years, with the most serious flood cresting at 40.8 feet in 2009. “Everyone’s getting prepared, butContinue Reading

The Concordian Politics Blog

North Dakota is now home to the most strict abortion restrictions in the nation after Governor Dalrymple recently signed three bills aimed at eliminating abortions within the state. This direct challenge to one of the most famous Supreme Court cases, Roe v. Wade, demands that the country reexamine its stanceContinue Reading