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The United States is still a country that protects rapists and sexual abusers. America has made great strides in the last 50 years toward true gender equality, but we’re still seeing blatant sexism in the news and on college campuses, especially in the last couple months. Recent coverage of theContinue Reading

Zach Lipp, Christoffer Birch-Jensen, Matt Gantz and Levi Bachmeier signed up for the Startup Weekend event expecting 54 hours of serious work committed to ideas that would significantly influence the community. Once they arrived, they witnessed something else. Startup Weekend, a nonprofit initiative that promotes entrepreneurship, came to Fargo onContinue Reading

A new department, tentatively named the Department of World Languages and Cultures, will take effect starting next fall. The department will result from a merger of the German, Norwegian, Chinese and French programs. “It creates a clear, unified voice for modern languages on campus,” said Mary Rice, current chair ofContinue Reading

Concordia students will see a tuition increase of almost $2,000 for the 2013-2014 academic year, prompting many to call attention to the cost of higher education in a post-recession world. Comprehensive fees for next year will be $39,974, an increase of $2,114 from the current year. Students are feeling theContinue Reading

The Concordian Politics Blog

It’s no secret that certain groups of voters have been disenfranchised in the past. African American voters in the South routinely faced egregious obstacles to voting, including poll taxes, difficult registration processes in which black voters were not given adequate information, literacy tests that white voters could be grandfathered outContinue Reading

The Concordian Politics Blog

The importance of a good K-12 education cannot be overstated. The United States tests horribly as compared with the rest of the developed world, leading to American children being ill prepared for college and careers in a global economy after high school graduation. At this point in time, America isContinue Reading

Toting their stellar GPAs and superb ACT scores, some of the area’s most competitive high school students competed for Concordia’s most prestigious academic scholarship over the last couple of weeks. About 150 prospective students applying for the Regents Scholarship descended upon campus on Jan. 28, Feb. 1 and Feb. 4Continue Reading

Terrifying numbers of shootings in recent months have spurred talks about gun control in relation to mental illness. Many politicians are pointing to mental illness as a leading cause of gun violence. While it’s true that more energy and resources need to be put into our broken mental health system,Continue Reading

Melody Peterson was eagerly awaiting a month of jet-setting this May with Scott Olsen’s program Travel Writing: Around the World in 25 Days. However, when she checked her Facebook in late November, she saw that one of her co-travelers posted a status saying that the May seminar was cancelled. “IContinue Reading