On March 13 and 14, Concordia students, both international and Minnesota natives, voluntarily visited Washington D.C. for National Advocacy Day to talk to their legislators about issues concerning the international community. National Advocacy Day is an event organized by the Association of International Educators that grants college students across theContinue Reading

BY EMMA KLITZKE AND KALEY SIEVERT Students dressed for the occasion and strut their stuff down the catwalk at the annual Concordia Drag show Saturday Feb. 10. According to Lindsay Galbraith, a student who attended the show, over $1350 was donated to Kaleidoscope, a fundraiser that supports 13 to 18Continue Reading

On January 27, President Donald Trump signed into action an executive order entitled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States by Foreign Nationals.” The order includes a ban (with certain exceptions) on immigration into the United States from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria andContinue Reading

Controversial student art makes a political statement There has always been great controversy surrounding guerrilla art, a street art movement that focuses on causing thought and action in its audience. Although this art form often impacts its viewers positively, it can also be rather jarring and even offensive. Jack Hinz,Continue Reading

Of the many films that premiered in the last few months, only one has the capability to reel in audiences of all ages. Disney has outdone itself with “Moana,” the endearing story of a Polynesian island chief’s daughter who goes on a life-changing quest of self-discovery. The message this movieContinue Reading

On the evening of Sunday, Nov. 13, Concordia’s Echo Band kicked off its fall concert season in Buxton Choral Rehearsal Hall. The ensemble is one of three major bands on campus, and rehearses under the supervision of Dr. Peter Haberman. Its casual atmosphere and limited time commitment makes the bandContinue Reading