While attending the National Book Awards at Concordia, I could feel the power and respect for the intellectual female that saturated the Centrum. Both Erica Armstrong Dunbar, author of “Never Caught,” and Nancy MacLean, author of  “Democracy in Chains,” were brought in not only as celebrated authors, but as celebratedContinue Reading

Extreme political statements are plastered across social and news media outlets 24/7, including sloppy Facebook arguments, aggressive Twitter fights, and newscasters bickering on live television. When extreme language is used in these forms, any discussion about differences in political or ideological beliefs leads to hate speech and stalemate. Disagreement todayContinue Reading

  As the science center opens up, the RISE student scholarship campaign kicks off and the choir program embarks on another year of Christmas concerts, there is no lack of money distribution occurring throughout campus. But as students bury their head in books and expect results around campus, a commonContinue Reading