Neuroscientist Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is scheduled to visit Concordia College April 24, through the second annual Nornes Student Lecture. Dr. Nicolelis is a prominent figure within the neuroscience world; his groundbreaking work and research with neuroprosthetics, along with his pioneering the construction of exoskeletons connected to the subject’s brain, makeContinue Reading

College will sign the Integrated Climate Commitment in April President Craft announced earlier this month that he would be signing Second Nature’s Integrated Climate Commitment on April 11, 2017, solidifying Concordia’s stance as an institution that values sustainability and reducing our economic footprint. Dr. Kenneth Foster, chair of the president’sContinue Reading

“‘Sawubona’ is a traditional isi-Zulu greeting that means, ‘I see you’. That’s the greeting: ‘I see you. Sawubona,’” said Jon Leiseth, Concordia’s Minister of Faith and Spirituality in Action, during Chapel on Monday morning, Feb. 6. That Chapel service kicked off Concordia’s annual celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week. TheContinue Reading

The Board of Regents passed a new alcohol policy this spring, officially changing Concordia’s status as a dry campus to a wet campus. While federal and state laws still apply while on school property, students who are at least 21 are now allowed to drink within already determined spaces onContinue Reading