Guess what? That’s right, the Vikings lost again. As is normal, I will attempt to rate where Minnesota fans should be at panic-wise after a 14-7 loss to the Lions. There’s one extra caveat this week: I didn’t technically watch the game. So here I go. Some of you mightContinue Reading

It’s not too early to panic, Vikings fans. Coming off a season-opening 29-19 victory over the New Orleans Saints at home, Minnesota managed to do just about everything wrong in a 26-9 loss in Pittsburgh. Plainly, the Vikings regressed badly against the Steelers. The offensive line that completely outperformed evenContinue Reading

The basketball courts in Memorial Auditorium are normally filled with Cobbers spending their nights playing pickup basketball with friends to pass the time, but on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, an entirely different group plies their trade in another sport: ultimate frisbee. The Valhalla Ultimate club is Concordia’s ultimate frisbee club.Continue Reading

If you happen to be a Minnesota sports fan, you know playoff losses are hard. You know that the inevitable playoff collapse is just that. You know that something will bounce against your favor, someone will get injured, or some other intangible will suddenly tilt the playing field in yourContinue Reading

Playoff preparations are in full swing for both Concordia hockey teams as they get set to take part in the MIAC tournament this weekend. Both the men’s and women’s teams will travel to the cities this weekend to compete for Concordia’s first NCAA tournament appearance in five years. The women’sContinue Reading