A year ago, I was not happy at how Concordia overlooked the presence of minority students; we used to see minority students clustering together in DS, class and almost everywhere people gathered. This year, it seems this issue is being addressed. In last week’s Concordian issue, I saw two remarkableContinue Reading

“Sin is Sin” and “The Innocence of Muslims” are extremely different cases that came into the spotlight as a result of social media. What we see, however, is the public response to these issues is not appealing and that leads me to ask: why do we respond to “hate” withContinue Reading

It’s been fun. We are glad to have known you and we wish you all the best. Somehow we know that no goodbye can say what needs to be said, how just a few words can tell what a heart feels. You’re unable to completely close one door and onlyContinue Reading

Imagine the laundry machine texting you to let you know that your laundry is done. Just imagine being able to see from your laptop which machines are in use and which ones are not, gaining the ability to reserve a laundry machine without leaving your room. This service can easilyContinue Reading

Last week was Easter. Many students went home and spent some time with families and friends. For those who are Christians, Easter was a great time to reconnect with their faith and appreciate the gift of life that Christ has given us. College is a thrilling experience and a periodContinue Reading

When the Kony video went viral on Facebook, I was one of the first people to watch it. Hours later when I opened Facebook, there was an outcry from most of my friends literally begging every living soul to watch the Kony video. The video was well produced and incrediblyContinue Reading

With ongoing catastrophes around the globe, the world needs more selfless men and women: people who are willing to go beyond their comfort zones to pursue justice and perpetuate a better life for others. One of these people is Nobel Laureate F.W. de Klerk, the key speaker at this year’sContinue Reading

The world is different now; with the introduction of democracies and the United Nations, our thoughts about wars and diplomacy have progressed. Intolerance of ethnic and racial differences has diminished considerably in this century, and, most importantly, people are beginning to understand that nations don’t cause wars; it is usContinue Reading