Photo by Hailey Von Wald. Guests mingle at the SIC party in the atrium.

Rockin’ round the Christmas tree with SIC

Classic Christmas tunes floated through the atrium Monday, Dec. 3 as the Student Involvement Committee hosted their first-ever holiday party. Student organization leaders were invited to join in the festivities […]


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  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Muugas left lasting impression

    In 1927, a stout Norwegian arrived at Concordia College to fill a rare role – a role that has been empty since his passing on July 16, 1955. Nels Mugaas […]

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    A date with Carl B.

    Everyone has been on a date with him, from students to faculty. Yet few even know how to pronounce his last name, and none have ever actually met him. Who […]

  • Submitted photo. Bishop Whipple, as shown above in the 1800s, was purchased in 1891 and was originally termed the "main building" on campus.

    Whipple’s legacy, uncovered

    Bishop Whipple. Many know the name, but what about the story? Bishop Whipple is not only a building on Concordia’s campus, but is also the name of the first Episcopalian […]

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    Too late for pessimism

    A world record was broken in 2010 when an explorer circumnavigated the Arctic Circle in a mere 80 days. Thorleif Thorleifsson visited Concordia’s Campus on Tuesday, October 9 to discuss […]

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    Let’s SALSA

    A new organization on campus is aiming to support students who have or are planning on studying abroad. Seniors Katie Randklev and Raquel Mondor recently formed the Student Association for […]