Peoples Organic is a new addition to the many restaurants Fargo has to offer, and the food that is served is a refreshing option for environmentally and socially-conscious consumers. Contrasted by the Famous Dave’s BBQ and Taco John’s to its left, Peoples Organic serves local, organic and fair trade meals,Continue Reading

This spring break I travelled on the High Impact Leadership Trip (HILT) to the Everglades in Florida. We learned about water issues concerning the state and climate change that concerns the entire world. One night we watched a film entitled, “The Age of Stupid.” The film is both a documentaryContinue Reading

As a young woman in college, I have called upon many a chick flick to distract me from the pile of homework taunting me from inside my backpack. I quickly dubbed one Saturday night a “movie night” when I had nothing to do but my homework, but could not bearContinue Reading

You may have heard of Humans of New York on the news or through word-of-mouth. Maybe a picture has come up on your news feed on Facebook because one of your friends ‘liked’ it. The project began in 2010 by Brandon Stanton. He had no job, a camera, and anContinue Reading

December has begun and Thanksgiving came obscenely late this year, leaving only twenty-seven days to fit in all of the cookie-baking, caroling, snowman-making, shopping, and Elf-watching that must be done before December 26th. For students, there hardly seems like there’s time to do any of these things in between studyingContinue Reading

Literature fans, rejoice! A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a book reading at the Rourke Art Museum. In the midst of a busy week, spending a few hours away from my homework sounded like as good an offer as any, and this outing opened my eyesContinue Reading

Am I the only person in Moorhead who had not experienced Village Inn until this week? Also, am I the only person who just assumed Village Inn was a hotel? At any rate, I have been living in Moorhead for the past two years, ignorantly passing by a restaurant thatContinue Reading

Over fall break, my parents and I decided to celebrate their birthdays by going to see Captain Phillips the story of ship that gets invaded by Somali pirates. It was a strange movie choice to celebrate a birthday with but I think we’d all agree it was a good choice.Continue Reading