If we want change, the calendar doesn’t have to be the only option t number of people have expressed disapproval over the last few weeks in response to my series of articles on the proposed calendar changes, and have presented me with a challenge: Instead of writing editorialized rants againstContinue Reading

For those that may not have been at the open forum last Wednesday to discuss the controversial change to the academic calendar, I figured it would be helpful to have a recap. There were more than 200 students in attendance, each one seemingly armed with a question in hand. Unfortunately,Continue Reading

I have kept from hijacking this opinions section with my own ideas for an entire academic year, but I can’t be quiet anymore. I am scared. More than that, I am very, very frustrated. Maybe that frustration has something to do with senior slide, but more than that it hasContinue Reading

Recently, Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer issued a company memo banning employees from working from home, immediately calling up indictments from commentators all across business and journalism. Those pundits, however, are forgetting one very important fact—namely, Mayer’s former employer. Yahoo’s new CEO was hired from none other than web giantContinue Reading

By the time this article is published, Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. But we Cobbers do enjoy our reflection, so why not reflect on a holiday that so many, rather ironically, love to hate. It’s pretty easy to pick on Valentine’s Day, to be honest. Those involved inContinue Reading

In her response to my previous article in support of changes to intervisitation, Ms. Bowman suggests that she agrees on the conclusion—that amendments should be made—but not the reasoning leading to it. Well, it would appear then that another student has been won to the cause. She would agree thatContinue Reading

In a quiet classroom tucked in the halls of Bishop Whipple, a new student organization has been meeting: a secular club. Despite the administration’s failure to bestow official recognition on the group, the Concordia Student Secular Community has already made its mark by helping bring in Chris Stedman last Sunday,Continue Reading

Guest Post: Cobbers care about voting The current generation of college students has often been criticized for their lack of political involvement. However, a recent survey conducted at Concordia College reveals that Concordia students not only believe that voting is important, but that they believe their votes matter in theContinue Reading