Call it predictable, unpersuasive or exhaustingly persistent, but until the Concordia policy governing visitation is amended—if not abolished—the same old tired, clichéd student grievances require redressing. Moreover, these necessary changes are long overdue, and the tax placed on the college in the meantime grows foul. The policy as it nowContinue Reading

Concordia’s library keeps the hours typical of many college libraries, making it, tragically, perfectly average. For those students set on transcending average (or virtually any student majoring in Concordia’s reputably challenging sciences), the library’s early closing proves a nuisance. Worse, the hours ultimately manifest an allocation of resources that setsContinue Reading

Call it a paradox, call it an oxymoron, call it nonsensical or downright stupid—the words contained herein will opine on the folly of opinions, particularly those vehemently guarded. As almost-adults grasping desperately in those always-awkward adolescent years for some semblance of an individualized identity, the safety in the inspiring imperativeContinue Reading

The search for new personnel to succeed Concordia’s departing ensemble directors has borne fruit of late. The music department has announced choir director Michael Smith’s successor and has narrowed the candidates for band director Scott Jones’s down position to three finalists. The two departures come during a particularly unique periodContinue Reading

Concordia College’s Offut School of Business is laying the groundwork for an investment club, planned to kick off next fall, that will allow students to invest an initial $100,000 donation in financial securities. “Any time you have a real world experience, it’s so much better than book learning,” said SteveContinue Reading