Well here it is, my last column of the year. Crazy, isn’t it? How fast time has come and gone. I still remember sitting down to draft my first column, staring at the blank screen and flashing cursor. Typical me, I immediately became really stressed out and worried about whatContinue Reading

I’m convinced that cars have personalities—not the cute, cartoonish ones seen in movies like “The Love Bug” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Rather, I think that they take on lives of their own in subtler ways. My old truck is proof of this phenomenon. It was my first vehicle, inheritedContinue Reading

Office Manager Karen Bertek is looking forward to one thing about her new home in the Parke Student Leadership Center despite the impending stress surrounding the Student Affairs office’s upcoming move. “It’s nice that I don’t have her making fun of what I wear,” Bertek says, glancing toward her partnerContinue Reading

During the past couple of weeks I’ve done a lot of traveling. I usually don’t travel much, so spending more time on the move is a different experience for me, and I’ve certainly enjoyed some time away doing something different. As always, packing for trips can be the most challengingContinue Reading

The end of any typical fall semester at Concordia is filled with many things, from the Christmas Concerts to the stress of final examinations. December can feel like a race to the finish, as students scramble to put final touches on papers and cram in last-minute study sessions. However, forContinue Reading

During one of our long bus rides on choir tour we watched the movie “The Help.” I hadn’t seen it before, and unfortunately halfway through the movie I fell asleep. It was not because the movie was boring, but because the bus ride was about 7 hours long. Needless toContinue Reading

In case you were curious, choir tour was pretty great. Although at times it seemed daunting, when things seemed too intense I just asked myself “When else during my life will I be able to drop everything and travel across the country for two weeks, singing in a different placeContinue Reading

This past week I’ve spent most of my time in some form of transit. Whether it be on a plane, bus or car, choir tour is defined by a sense of constant motion. The daily ritual can seem like an endless cycle of repacking my massive suitcase and finding aContinue Reading

Can you feel it– the change in the air, the upbeat conversations across campus, the sudden shift toward optimism? Yes my friends, it’s almost that time again: spring break. Although Concordia’s spring break, or “Mid-Semester Recess” as it is officially listed on the academic calendar, may seem to occur oddlyContinue Reading