They’ve been talking about it for months. And by they, I mean the media, your hairdresser and that kid who never shuts up in your 8 a.m. class. CNN’s “Headline News” previewed the types of dresses the starlets would wear. Lots of bright, poppy color, they speculated. In early February,Continue Reading

Textbook buying is a task every student has to tackle, and one many have managed to maneuver for the benefit of their bank accounts. Some book-buying strategies are more cost effective than others, and students try to find best deals they can, including here on campus. There are a varietyContinue Reading

Upperclassmen: drop that caramel roll and take note. Worry about weight gain does not end with the Freshman 15, according to a new study conducted by Indiana University, Bloomington. The study included 1,672 students at Indiana University and found that freshmen spend four more hours exercising per week than seniors.Continue Reading

The Concordia Education Club had an apple party earlier this year, and it was one reason senior Molly Kupper was selected to attend a national education conference. Kupper was one of four Minnesota students chosen to attend the Connections Conference, a national education conference in Orlando, Fla., from Oct. 4Continue Reading

Riah Roe, a junior, went online to check his debit card balance in early October, wondering whether a paycheck had been added to his account. Instead of a paycheck, he found $1,200 missing and a recent purchase from Hat World. “And I didn’t even know what Hat World was,” RoeContinue Reading

In addition to traditional recruitment promotions like post cards and phone calls, prospective students can also receive information about Concordia from blogs written by current students employed by the Office of Communications and Marketing. The student experiences in the blogs show prospective students what life is like at Concordia, saidContinue Reading

The laptop debate: Are they needed in class? The Communication Studies and Theatre Art department has discussed whether or not to ban laptops in the classroom, according to Aileen Buslig, associate professor and chair of the CSTA department. “There was a strong leaning toward having a department policy,” Buslig said.Continue Reading

Interim president Dr. Paul Dovre is no stranger to Concordia College. Dovre was president of Concordia for 24 years, and has served as interim president once before. While the circumstances of his return are tragic, he said, the campus has been welcoming and encouraging. “The strength of the community isContinue Reading