Article written by Jordan Elton and AJ Eckberg. Ten students will have the opportunity to be a president this fall in Concordia College theater department’s production of “44 Plays for 44 Presidents.” David Wintersteen, a communication studies and theater art faculty member, is directing the play. “The play…itself is quirky,Continue Reading

Kersti Pearson, a theater arts and English literature double major, is designing the costumes for “44 Plays for 44 Presidents” as her Senior thesis. “It’s pretty exciting and nerve-racking,” Pearson said as she described her first show as costume designer. The senior thesis is an accredited part of her theaterContinue Reading

Enrollment is down at Concordia College. This fall, overall enrollment experienced a five percent decrease, but according to the enrollment division, there is little concern for what that means for the school year. “We’ll see minor ups and downs,” said Steve Schuetz, vice president of admissions and financial aid atContinue Reading

Just 10 minutes after the Centrum doors opened to the Thursday evening forum, there was standing room only. Live streaming in the Atrium was set up to accommodate those that were not able to snag a chair or floor space to hear Eboo Patel speak. Nine-hundred Concordia students and communityContinue Reading