With his famous moustache and button-bedecked blazers, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Bruce Vieweg is one of the most recognizable figures on Concordia’s campus. This October, Vieweg took on another identifier: hot pink hair. Vieweg went pink for a fundraising campaign called Real Men Wear Pink, hosted byContinue Reading

Concordia College recently gained another student organization, called Concordia College Operation Smile. Concordia College Operation Smile is a branch of the larger Operation Smile Organization, one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children worldwide through surgical care. Concordia’s Operation Smile wasContinue Reading

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of PACODES, a Concordia student organization which strives to assist with education and economic development in South Sudan. PACODES stands for Panyijiar Community Development Services. Panyijiar County is an impoverished region in South Sudan. Concordia alum Machien Justin Luoi, who was one of the LostContinue Reading

As part of Concordia’s push to create a more diverse campus, three new staff members have been added to the Office of Diversity. The new staff members are Dr. Edward Antonio, Concordia’s first Chief Diversity Officer; Amena Chaudhry, Diversity Coordinator for Student Support Service; and Farhiyo Abdulkarim, administrative assistant forContinue Reading