Concordia has a medical school acceptance rate of 88 percent, but students still look for any opportunity to give them the upper hand when applying to medical school or graduate school. Seniors Peace Eneh and Jarryd Campbell have definitely found that leverage after spending two weeks studying hookworms in BangladeshContinue Reading

Stepping into Memorial Auditorium the night of Jan. 26 was like stepping into a whole other country—Spain, to be specific. The Flamenco Vivo dancers from New York spun, stomped and clapped to the tune of live musicians for an excited audience of Concordia students and community members. Bringing an authenticContinue Reading

Tomorrow morning, Sarah Kjorlien will bundle up to face the frigid temperatures in Moorhead and run three miles. Halfway around the world in the much warmer Czech Republic, her sister is also running three miles. Coincidence? Not so much. This routine has been going on for almost eight months. TwoContinue Reading

The distinct smell of something burning permeated Fjelstad Hall Sunday night. Students ran around the dorm and into the kitchens to try to find the source of the smell, but it seemed to be coming from everywhere. “At first I thought somebody burned something while cooking, but then the smellContinue Reading

Sergeant Clint Stephenson of the Moorhead Police Department has worked for the Moorhead police since 1997, which was the last record-breaking winter. “In my 15 years, this is by far the worst conditions we’ve had for the winter season,” Stephenson said. He explained that the layer of ice underneath allContinue Reading

This is the time of year when you head to Olson for an afternoon run on the treadmill and find every single exercise machine taken. When the salad line at Dining Services is longer than the burger line. When your favorite television show is broken up by commercials all advertisingContinue Reading