On Thursday, Nov. 30, the Student Government Association’s Disabilities Accommodations Council held its first meeting. This year, the committee will address exactly what the title suggests: the state of the college’s physical disability accommodations. The council, which was created last month, is chaired by SGA chief of staff Sean Zimny.Continue Reading

Concordia students can expect further diversification of the college’s music community with the development of student-led Latin Jazz group, Fuego. First year finance student and trombone player Xavier Hernandez began raising awareness for the group early this semester with the intent of expanding Concordia’s music opportunities. Currently, Fuego is comprisedContinue Reading

Ten Concordia students lined the road in neon work vests this Saturday, Sept. 23., each intent on hunting down pieces of garbage. The group covered a two-mile stretch of I-94 for Campus Events Commission’s first service event, Adopt a Highway. Led by newly appointed service commissioner, sophomore Hayley Broich, theContinue Reading