Liberal arts colleges are dealing with decreased enrollment across the country as high schools see smaller graduate pools. Newspapers everywhere are reporting on the shrinking pool of applicants for college and both enrollment and student retention are being reviewed for changes on Concordia’s campus. According to a report from theContinue Reading

Director explores new training methods for actors in upcoming play Marching in single line across the stage with knees bent and arms held out, nine students stay straight-faced and focused on their movements. Some might even be sweating. This is not a typical play rehearsal. Actors from the play “TheContinue Reading

Kaia MillerKaia Miller is a senior majoring in communication studies and multimedia journalism. She came to Concordia planning to major in vocal performance, but after a semester discovered her interests ran in a different direction. With a suggestion from her mom to try communication, she realized her passion for journalismContinue Reading

Registering for spring semester classes last fall left many students and faculty members frustrated with the Banner system. This time around, Chief Information Officer Bruce Vieweg and Registrar Erica Peterson put their heads together and came up with a free solution to registration woes. “The easiest option, that didn’t costContinue Reading

The hashtag #cctour13 bombarded twitter feeds for the past two weeks as the Concordia Choir toured the Midwest heading south to Texas. Manager for the choir, Gordon Moe planned on using the hashtag as a marketing and promotional tool while the choir traveled. Although choir members enjoyed documenting their tripContinue Reading

She calls it her “rad school search.” What most see as a stressful–and often expensive–graduate school search process, she has turned into a friendly competition. Laura Pancoast, along with four other senior vocal performance majors, is busy with the frenzy of activity caused from applying to graduate schools. After herContinue Reading