Gun control issues have had people buzzing since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Some college presidents, including Concordia’s, have signed an open letter addressing gun safety. President Craft found out about the letter through an email and now more than 300 college presidents have signed. He says heContinue Reading

The beginning to finding the answer is by bridging gaps through storytelling. The author of “Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious,” Chris Stedman, urged everyone in the Centrum last Sunday night to find a way to understand religious differences though sharing their own stories. Senior AndreasContinue Reading

Opening your mailbox and expecting to get nothing but another Campus Entertainment Commission event card, you are surprised to find a small hand-made card inside with the logo “Kaia Kards” written on the back. This is an experience that many students have had over the past four years; and theContinue Reading

In a room filled with colorful balls of string and bright needles, students try to cast on or figure out where they may have dropped a stitch or two. During Amy Watkin’s inquiry class, “Beyond Genocide: Learning to Help and Hope,” these students were able to take a break fromContinue Reading

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are well-known names to most Concordia students. However, other names on this year’s ballot–such as Collin Peterson and Lee Byberg–may be less recognizable. Peterson and Byberg are both running for U.S. Congress in district seven, which includes Moorhead. Collin Peterson is the Democratic-FarmerLabor (DFL) representative whoContinue Reading

With the election one month away, students have started thinking about voter registration. A new rule beginning this year says every student living on campus will be able to vote in the atrium of Knutson Center. Those living off campus will not be able to vote there, but can goContinue Reading

A passerby may glance at 682 Sixth St. S. and believe it’s just another college house; last year they would have been right. This year, however, that house has been transformed into Concordia College’s new EcoHouse. On Oct. 4, the house will be officially introduced to Concordia and the Fargo-MoorheadContinue Reading

The Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium “Beyond Genocide: Learning to Help and Hope” set a record for student involvement this year, with 11 out of the 15 selected concurrent sessions involving students. Last spring, students, professors and others submitted proposals to present a concurrent session at this year’s symposium.Continue Reading