The gallery buzzes with warm conversations as students, faculty and families meander through the room. The walls pop with color from watercolor, acrylic and digital paintings. Framed art takes its audience to another dimension through charcoal, pencil and ink drawings while photographs feature captured bits of memories and places. AContinue Reading

Two brothers opened The Dragon’s Hoard, a game shop full of RPGs, cards and board games. Legends have been foretold, where dragons filled with greed collected treasures across the land and hoarded them in their caves. Moonlight would trickle in through the cave ceiling, sparkling and reflecting off of theContinue Reading

Museum studies students curate the Dean’s office honoring Concordia’s past and future A student walks into the office and sits down. They look around the room and see a vibrant print of a bookshelf hanging on one wall, and various other frames of old pictures and paintings depicting aspects ofContinue Reading

College students live with a constant struggle to be able to buy spring clothes, a book to trigger their imagination or a coffee maker for the caffeine crazed–all while trying to save a buck. With most of their money spent on tuition and textbooks, Cobbers little leeway to buy theContinue Reading