Michael Smith reflects on his career as he prepares for his last tour In D. Michael Smith’s last year of directing choir, he had the chance to direct The Concordia Choir in his hometown of Brainerd and reflect on his career on the eve of their national choir tour. AfterContinue Reading

From dining center to science labs Snackbar, coffeehouse, bookstore, post office. Normandy, the space above the Cobber bookstore, has served an array of purposes over the years. This year, it will transform once again from a storage area to a temporary lab space for the science department. Ivers and JonesContinue Reading

What is that smell? Around campus, students have noticed a nose-wrinkling smell wafting in the air. It has been most commonly noticed in the entrances of the buildings, according to sophomore, Monika Shukel. “My friend and I were leaving from choir and we saw brown footsteps coming in,” Shukel said.Continue Reading

Helping or hurting our community? Around campus, you can hear whispers of certain organizations being represented more than others. Within the Concordia community, college organizations have created various cliques, defined by students’ interests. Freshmen social work major, Hayley Gunderson, has noticed the different ways in which organizations have been recognized.Continue Reading