Every residence hall on campus has its own personality, atmosphere and culture that attracts students to live there, and with these distinct personalities comes stereotypes. These personalities can either be reinforced or misconstrued by the stereotypes that surround the halls. For sophomore Shelbey Marthaler and other residents of Park Region,Continue Reading

Are they too sexualized? As Halloween approaches, people are stocking up on candy and preparing their costumes. As people  walk down the costume aisle, men have a wide variety of costumes to choose from, while women experience the stress of having to choose a costume from a limited array ofContinue Reading

A report on gender equity and the treatment of women on Concordia’s campus has been released for the public eye, revealing that there are differences in compensation amongst faculty and staff based on gender. A task force was created two years ago to survey and perform research on gender equity.Continue Reading

This year, Concordia Choir bids a temporary farewell to a beloved colleague and conductor and welcomes an old friend. Dr. René Clausen will be taking time off this year to focus on his own projects while Michael Smith returns for his last year as a conductor but his first timeContinue Reading