Genetically Modified Organisms, better known as GMOs, are the best thing to happen to agriculture since the mass production of fertilizer in the early twentieth century. In 1918, German chemist Fritz Haber received a Nobel Prize for the invention of a process by which industrial factories could mass produce ammonia-basedContinue Reading

In classical psychology, the term cognitive dissonance is often referenced when discussing conflicting emotions, views, perspectives, emotions and values. Cognitive dissonance includes the conflict between actions and values. For example, an individual who represents a movement that emphasizes equality and compassion while at the same time participating in and promotingContinue Reading

Note: the following opinions of Liam Nuhring, opinion author, should not be treated as the gospel truth in self-defense training. With domestic-born terrorism and active shooter situations occurring both in public and on college campuses at an alarming rate, Concordia College recommends the following procedure for effectively maintaining your safetyContinue Reading

The state of environmentalism in the United States, as well as abroad, has reached a crucial crossroads. For decades the political left has promoted, influenced and instituted positive policy in regards to climate change and the safety and well-being of our environment. The political polarization of issues regarding environmental policyContinue Reading

After barely defeating the stalwart British Army, the United States of America composed a document that would change history. In this document, known as the U.S. Constitution, the general form of the new government and how it was to function was developed. Failsafes and barriers were established to avoid futureContinue Reading