I am here today to present my defense for one of the most contemptible, inoffensively unexceptional characters in recent television history. His name is Mark Brendanawicz and for the first two seasons of the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, he intruded into the homes of viewers and brought nothingContinue Reading

Look at you! You’ve had a terrific All Hallow’s Eve! You danced your heart out, or at least until you got too sweaty; you didn’t eat any candy, but you ate your roommate’s leftover mac and cheese and you barely got tricked except for that Chinese finger trap which tookContinue Reading

Look at you! You have almost five weeks of experience in a political science course! Wowie, what are you the freakin’ ambassador to the United Nations or something? You’re so politically efficacious you’re more sure than I am that I used efficacious correctly. I’m glad that everything is going wellContinue Reading