The Student Government Association handed over control to the new president, vice-president and cabinet on April 1. The new members are getting settled in their roles and are starting initiatives for next year.  Two of the new members Director of Communications Jordan Elton and Event and Programs Commissioner Michael ChambersContinue Reading

In a few weeks, members of the 2012-2013 Student Government Association will step down to make way for next year’s team. The change will occur on April 1, when Levi Bachmeier, Matt Dymoke and the rest of the 2013-2014 staff will be inaugurated during morning chapel. Meanwhile, current staff membersContinue Reading

Levi Bachmeier and Matt Dymoke have won the positions of Student Government Association president and vice-president for next year. They, along with new Executive Assistant, Emma Connell, and new Chief of Staff, Austin Keller, will provide leadership to SGA during the 2013-2014 school year. They beat out competitors Ryan DescheneContinue Reading

Residence Life has adopted two new rules to make living on campus more flexible for upperclassmen. Starting next year, Residence Life has agreed to eliminate inter-visitation restrictions in Brown Hall. Also, both Bogstad East and Bogstad Manor will be co-ed by unit rather than the current system where men andContinue Reading

Students interested in becoming presidential and vice presidential candidates for next year’s Student Government Association got started early this year—four months early, in fact. At least two groups of potential candidates have come forth stating that they intend to run. The groups (Levi Bachmeier/Matt Dymoke and Ryan Deschene/Andy Mackner) bothContinue Reading