Before Memorial Auditorium fills with seniors, families and friends to send graduates off into the world, the facility will be flooded with Cobbers new and old to welcome someone new. On April 28, President William Craft’s inauguration will be held in conjunction with Founders Day Weekend. “Inaugurations are a milestoneContinue Reading

When Tansy Wells sat in Jones 212 for her first science class at Concordia, Evolution and Diversity, she looked around at the 50 other students in her class. She chose Concordia because of its smaller classes and student-to-faculty ratio, but a packed lecture hall was not what she anticipated. “IContinue Reading

By day, professors Russ Peterson and Nat Dickey roam the corridors of Hvidsten Hall. They teach classes, help students in private lessons and conduct ensembles. By night, however, they play to a different tune as they take the stage with their band, Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome. “We love to play,”Continue Reading

“SOPA…the Spanish word for soup” read sophomore Paula Haeder’s Facebook status Jan. 18. Before this date, this is all the word “SOPA” meant to most Americans. However, two pieces of legislation became a national hot topic as thousands of websites like Wikipedia, Tumblr and Pinterest protested the Stop Online PiracyContinue Reading

After more than a year of student efforts, Concordia College’s own eco-house is set to open next fall as a way to enable students to test out sustainability efforts to help find ways for them to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. “This whole project is to help students lead projects thatContinue Reading

Their thermostat reads 64 degrees. As outside temperatures drop, and the dead cold days of winter quickly approach, Concordia students Jen Buchanan and Lauren Tjaden set the thermostat in their off-campus house very low in order to save money on their heating bill. “Our house is very old, so theContinue Reading

President William Craft’s inauguration has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012, as part of the Concordia’s Founders Day celebration one week before graduation. “Inaugurations are a milestone for a college,” said Tracey Moorhead, senior assistant to the president. “It’s a two-way thing – how we greet that leader andContinue Reading