Concordia Theatre’s first mainstage production of the year reforms the way history is told through a comical interpretation of the lives of Martin Luther, Doctor John Faustus, and Prince Hamlet. “Wittenberg,” written by David Davalos, tells the story of these three unrelated historical and fictional figures meeting for the firstContinue Reading

Local farmers, sustainability enthusiasts, and foodies in the Fargo-Moorhead community rejoiced at the grand opening of the Prairie Roots Co-op on Wednesday, Sept. 6. The rest of the celebration-filled week brought the community together with live music, workshops, sales and a free yoga class. Prairie Roots Co-op, on 1213 NorthernContinue Reading

A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping at Hornbachers. While I was checking out, the bagger asked me, “Paper or plastic?” Might I add, she had already begun placing my groceries in plastic bags. I corrected her and said, “Oh, I’d like paper, actually.” She responded with an audibleContinue Reading

In the weeks since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, environmental activists and scientists across the globe have raised their concerns about the future health of the earth. Political views aside, the current environmental crisis is not slowing down and is certainly not going to improve by a complete lackContinue Reading