As of fall 2014, Concordia has become a tobacco-free campus with the relocation of smoking areas on campus to places off of school grounds. The installment of this new policy has several reactions across the student body. Molly Aga, the sophomore representative of Student Government Association believes this policy willContinue Reading

The myth of Prexy’s Pond has been debunked: it is biologically safe to swim in compared to other lakes, but it is still not allowed. Jerry Raguse, the Grounds Service Supervisor, has been keeping an eye on the pond all summer, adding water when needed and using a net toContinue Reading

This movie is an incredibly awesome voyage. For anyone who has ever played with legos or has had the chance to watch someone else play with them, this movie is relatable. It uses the imagination children have when playing with these colored building blocks and creates an elaborate storyline usingContinue Reading

On my birthday in 2010, a hot air balloon landed in my grandparent’s field on their farm and after being rudely awakened, being forced to dress quickly, and racing across the yard, I was able to cross off “Fly in a Hot Air Balloon” on my bucket list. Ever sinceContinue Reading

With their debut EP released on January 7, 2014, Misterwives has begun an Alternative Revolution with their very unique sound and use of electronics, guitar, and synthesisers. Each song has a similar tempo which may cause some listeners to think each one is the same, but the lyrics and powerContinue Reading

An app, an online website, and Facebook for books! Goodreads is the place for any person who loves to read, review, and even just look through fancy new front covers of showcasing books. When you sign up for free, you have a chance to do many things with the books youContinue Reading

Based in San Francisco, a team of entrepreneurs began a product line called fitbit® . Founded in 2007, Eric Friedman and James Park started a line of equipment that promote a healthier lifestyle. Their products include aria™ (weight scale), one™ (step and sleep tracker), zip™ (step tracker), and the flex™Continue Reading