Slomski and Babine dabble in publishing politics

Slomski and Babine dabble in publishing politics

Karen Babine and Heather A. Slomski of the English Department are well-versed in publishing politics and the writing process. Babine is currently completing her nonfiction collection called Water and What […]


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  • Students react to campus tobacco ban

    Students react to campus tobacco ban

    As of fall 2014, Concordia has become a tobacco-free campus with the relocation of smoking areas on campus to places off of school grounds. The installment of this new policy […]

  • Prexy’s pond: myth busted

    Prexy’s pond: myth busted

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    Misterwives ‘Reflections’

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    ‘Happiness: The Science behind your smile’

    Being a part of the Cobber community during this year’s Symposium, everyone was instructed to read Happiness: The science behind your smile by Daniel Nettle. It covers a wide range […]