Ah spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of leaving this place. Most seniors will agree that it’s a difficult time of year to stay focused, even with snow on the ground. The feeling is compounded when I consider that I’d rather be engaged in the jobContinue Reading

Tuesday was the beginning of the latest cycle of student government campaigns. And this year, it seems that it’s my turn to ask, “What’s the point?” It’s not that the candidates are unqualified—resumes show that all are leaders, while many have already served in the Student Government Association (SGA). Additionally,Continue Reading

Welcome to October. By the time this prints if it hasn’t snowed yet the only reason is we’ve been lucky and the weather gods have spared us another week. Even if this is your first year at Concordia, there’s little advice left to tell you at this point. You’ve figuredContinue Reading

It always seems fitting to write a “year in review” for the last issue of the school’s paper. It forces me to look back on what I’ve learned or places I’ve been met with success or failure. It also results in a lot of you reading through about seven orContinue Reading

With deadline approaching and writer’s block and just a few hours of sleep clouding my mind, I was trying to find my way back to that golden road of righteousness: productivity. I was doing what anyone would do when facing impending due dates: I was reading the webcomic XKCD (Fine,Continue Reading

The past months have seen a dark turn in the treatment of women. Perhaps it’s due to the escalating political climate of the Republican primary, but from the halls of Congress to state capitols across the country, legislation is being proposed that is slowly chipping away at the liberties thatContinue Reading

We let certain people get away with a lot in the name of entertainment, so when radio host Rush Limbaugh went into theatrics during his argument against Sandra Fluke’s advocacy of health-insurance coverage of contraceptives, no one should have been surprised. However, the heedless way he launched into an all-outContinue Reading