This week Student Government Association released a proposal to decrease The Concordian’s funding from $12 per student to $10.50 per student for next school year. The proposed decrease in funding amounts to about $3,500 per year. This comes after last year’s reduction of nearly $5,000. If you are reading this,Continue Reading

More students with voting power will soon have representation within Student Government Association forum meetings, thanks to three bylaw changes from SGA Forum members at their April 19 meeting. In future meetings, up to five members-at-large could become members of the forum if confirmed by existing members of the forum.Continue Reading

Earlier this month, I received an email from a student that expressed strong resentment toward a Blundergrads comic published in the Nov. 16 edition of The Concordian. That comic featured a man in his bed scratching a notch in his bedpost with a knife. The woman next to him comments,Continue Reading

Both a new film studies minor and a new religion concentration were passed at last month’s Faculty Senate meeting. The motion to approve a new film studies minor was carried unanimously the Oct. 15 meeting. “I think it will be very exciting for faculty to have a film minor,” saidContinue Reading

Concordia has confirmed an apology to Representative Collin Peterson in response to a video recording made last month by student Kate Engstrom and has indicated that she will face no disciplinary action. Concordia spokesperson Roger Degerman issued a statement that says, “President Craft spoke to Rep. Peterson to express regretContinue Reading