Concordia swimming and diving team experienced large changes this season after their former coach, Ronnie Hehn, resigned from his position. The team was forced to keep preparing without the guidance of its anchor, until an interim coach was found. Although there were a few difficulties at the start of theContinue Reading

It is the time of the school year when fall sports are in the postseason, and no team would like to miss the playoffs or be done with their season by November. Even though this is the case for Concordia College’s volleyball team, players Kelly Reed and Anna Skow-Anderson, theContinue Reading

If you have listened to Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” you know that you should follow your dreams and have no regrets. Senior soccer players Liz Robinson, Rochelle Hickerson and Christi Brauer have done just that for the past four years. As these three ladies competed in theContinue Reading

Aside from providing Cobber athletes with much appreciated spirit boosters, fans enable players to realize they overcome hard times Home-court advantage is one thing sports statisticians cannot measure by numbers. This attribute of a crowd helps cheer a team on, ultimately having an impact on the final score. In theirContinue Reading

This season Concordia’s winter athletes look forward to growing as a team and are excited to compete against fellow D-III institutions Winter is right around the corner, which means the cold weather is bound to arrive. Luckily for Cobber sports fans, Concordia’s winter athletes will give us something to enjoyContinue Reading

For the past couple of seasons, Concordia football has been moving in the right direction. And this year is no different. Currently the men are ranked number two in the Division III MIAC division. After last week’s homecoming win, the team is on pace for another great season. According toContinue Reading

With winter right around the corner, Concordia’s women’s basketball will be holding open tryouts in a few days. Concordia women are invited to participate in a practice drill with the team for a chance to play basketball for the program. Head coach, Jessica Rahman believes that most of the studentsContinue Reading

Strategic planning and teamwork enables Concordia’s men’s soccer team to make a positive turnaround during the current season Team identity is a hard characteristic to achieve. The Concordia’s men’s soccer team has been configuring their identity for the past two years. This process started in 2012 with the arrival ofContinue Reading