Photo submitted by Peter Schultz. Peter Schultz and his wife have reclaimed 160 acres of prairie land to counter-balance the carbon footprint made by his summer school abroad program in Santorini, Greece.

Schultz’s Prairie: Professor’s restored grassland offsets the Santorini program’s carbon emissions

Six years ago, Peter Schultz and his wife, Darcie, purchased a 160-acre piece of land. What was initially meant to be an investment soon became a full-fledged restoration project. They […]


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  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Polar explorer visits campus to share stories

    Will Steger, polar explorer, returned to Concordia on Monday. Joining him was J. Drake Hamilton, science policy director for Fresh Energy. Together, the two presented the forum “Clean Energy, Climate, […]

  • Photo by Mary Henning.

    Multiple majors: Worth it?

    It’s a major decision. According to Bruce Vieweg, 471 Concordia students have declared majors in multiple disciplines, and each year new students debate the advantages of declaring an additional major. […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Finals periods made mandatory

    The semester just got a little longer. Concordia College faculty are now required to utilize the finals period as a part of new federal law that defines a credit hour […]

  • Photo by Paul Flessland. Kate Brothern, one of Barb Witteman's Friendship inquiry seminar students, helps two fifth-grade friends with a Science Academy experiment during their visit to campus.

    Fifth-grade friendships formed

    Pursuing academics, pursuing friendships. Writing essays, writing friendly letters. Discussing scholarly works, discussing children’s books. It sounds like college versus fifth grade, but it isn’t. It is the syllabus for […]

  • Photo submitted. Bruce Vieweg, chief information officer and associate provost, smiles next to his office wall covered in programs from the music events he attended in 2011. Vieweg sends personalized messages to performers to praise them for their art.

    Vieweg starts his days early

    It’s 3:30 a.m. and Bruce Vieweg is intruding into your day. Judging by your C-port email inbox, this may look like an infrequent occurrence, but Vieweg voluntarily starts his day, […]

  • Photo by Mary Henning. The hedge near the president's house is an invasive species.

    Invasive hedge in president’s yard

    The hedge at the president’s residence is an invasive species. Buckthorn, the plant in question, is an invasive species classified as a restricted noxious weed by the Minnesota Department of […]

  • Photo by Mary Henning. Joel Leeman and Stephanie Barnhart were crowned this years’s homecoming king and queen.

    Coronation kicks off homecoming week

    This week Concordia remembers its roots. Concordia welcomed in the 2012 homecoming week with the annual coronation ceremony on Tuesday evening. Joel Leeman and Stephanie Barnhart were crowned king and […]

  • Photo by Jamie Telander. Concordia’s Habitat for Humanity chapter will teaming up with five other campus organizations to build children’s playhouses as a fundraiser.

    Habitat to build playhouses

    Concordia’s Habitat for Humanity chapter is taking the initiative to be more community-based. On Oct. 6 they and five other campus organizations will team up to build six children’s playhouses […]

  • Photo courtesy of The planet Mars.

    Mars makes Concordia curious

    Concordia is curious about Mars, and Drs. Thelma Berquó and Heidi Manning of the pysics department, along with physics major Mitch Campion, have all been part of a recent spike […]